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TV Installations

At StephensonAV we have designed, installed, and recommended a wide variety of TV systems that are well suited to particular environments. We like to work closely with out clients ensuring they get what they want for their budget.

We have experience in many different brands, and are happy to work with equipment supplied, or source what is needed for the job.

We want you, as a client, to be the most satisfied and work with the budget that you want to spend. We have plenty of different options for TV installations available and if you have a specific budget you want to work with, we’ll work with it!

Work with us for your next TV installation

  • Home theatre TV mounting
  • Regular TV wall mounting
  • Ceiling TV mounting
  • Multiple TV and split signal design and installation
  • Moving TV brackets
  • Sound bar installation and cable management
  • Multi-TV and CCTV management and incorporation
  • Future upgrades of LED screen for higher spec use

L.E.D Screen Installation

As the world of technology evolves at the pace its going, its important to keep an up-to-date standard on high quality and ease of use technology. StephensonAV are the experts in L.E.D (Light emitting diode) screen building and designing. From pixel depth to brightness, we’ll be able to answer all your questions and get the right build for you, for the right price.

We have built and installed hundreds of different L.E.D screens all over Western Australia (and even around Australia) and there is just no comparison when it comes to visual displays. An L.E.D screen can take your business to so many different places, from advertising to streaming, there is simply nothing more advanced or better looking than a good quality L.E.D screen.

Work with us for your custom L.E.D screen

  • Advertising boards
  • Ultra High quality television streaming
  • Custom sizes and shapes for any application
  • Advanced FX and visual entertainment
  • Remote operation with Wi-fi Connectivity
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Environmentally friendly visual display mounts
  • Will improve companies branding and overall look

TV Installation Prices

TV Installation (excludes cost of bracket)
Brick wall | $80.00
Drywall | $110.00
Ceiling | $150.00
TV Installation including standard bracket
Brick wall | $140.00
Drywall | $170.00
Ceiling | $450.00
TV Installation including bracket and cable hiding
Brick wall | $160.00
Drywall | $200.00
Ceiling | $500.00
TV Brackets Standard
20 – 65’ | $60.00
65’ plus | $75.00
TV Ceiling Brackets
B OR W | $300.00

Here’s what Neill from Hillarys said…

“ What a great install done with my outdoor TV, Amp and speaker setup. StephensonAV came in on target with the price and it is a great sound for the price!“

Our motto is ‘We’ll make it work!’ and we mean it when we say it. No job is too big or small for anybody’s home, business, education facility, place of worship, or anything else. Contact us now for a free consultation about any sort of TV installation you were looking for Enquiring to the right of this page.

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