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Audio Visual Services and Maintenance

It’s important to have a technically sound audio-visual system in your establishment there’s no doubt about that! But, keeping it running smoothly and up to date, is also very important for the longevity and reliability of your system.

This is where StephensonAV can step in, helping you keep your current system longer, saving you time and money. Unmaintained systems can actually void the warranty, and become very dangerous. At Stephenson AV we have seen the results of unmaintained AV equipment, and want to ensure your system stays functional and reliable for as long as possible.

Work with us for servicing and maintenance of your AV equipment

We offer a range of cleaning, service and re-tagging of electrical equipment and components.

It’s very important to clean out any dust, grime and anything else that might be lying around after a year of work, the build-up can cause components of AV systems like fans, motherboards, air vents, unused inputs and outputs, as well as buttons to not only cause them to malfunction but also are plausible fire hazards.

StephensonAV has yearly, three yearly and five yearly maintenance plans in place so you can have peace of mind whenever you use your AV system.

Repair, Replace and Upgrade.

StephensonAV is proud to say we have some of the greatest experts in AV today, and we know how to repair, replace and upgrade almost every AV system you can think of. StephensonAV prides itself on being reasonable, fair and logical when servicing an AV system, if a part just needs replacing, then that is what we will do. What we don’t believe in upselling for equipment that you don’t need.

We truly believe that the advice we give, whether to repair a part, replace a part or upgrade a part is the best advice for you and your AV system. Do not be fooled by other people trying to get you to pay thousands of more dollars than you need to. Enquire with StephensonAV today for simple to follow advice about your AV system.

Emergency Call Outs.

StephensonAV also offers 24/7 call-outs for emergencies. Mic system not working before a big event? Projector not turning on? Does the TV system have no signal? StephensonAV is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With around a two-hour turnaround time at StephensonAV you can have a technician at your establishment fixing your issues quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to stress.

Here’s what Sam Timmerman said…

“Knowledgeable, well equipped, skilled and best of all friendly! Ross and team have been great to work with on events and shows I’ve performed at.“

So if you want to make sure your AV system is in top notch! Enquire with StephensonAV today Enquiring to the right of this page

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